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Along the coast road, coming from Ischia Porto, passing through Casamicciola Terme you arrive to Lacco Ameno.

To welcome the visitors in the garments of the landlord there is the "Fungo" a volcanic origin rock that rises in the sea waters in front of the main course of the village, forged by the waves in the homonymous fruit of nature.

This magnificent village, use to be a fisherman and peasants village that turned to tourism in the fifties of the passed century, thanks to the intrepid activity of the Commander Angelo Rizzoli, well known editor and film producer. During his holidays on the green island he fell in love with its genuine and wild nature and he made it his second home and a goal desired by the world jet-set.

Situated on the slopes on Mount Vico its origins go back to VIII century B.C. era in which some Greek navigators settled and founded a city named Pithecusa one of the oldest colonies of Magna Grecia.

Thanks to the processing of metals and terracotta production Pithecusa quickly established itself as an important commercial power, whose numerous finds,kept in the museums of Santa Restituta and Villa Arbusto in which the so-called "Coppa di Nestore" stands out, are today witnessing its flourishing activity.

Corso Angelo Rizzoli, 57, 80076 Lacco Ameno (Ischia) NA